What We Do

The highway department is responsible for providing safe roads for the citizens of Cottonwood County.

The department has four sections:


The engineering section has a staff of four individuals and is responsible for engineering design, and construction inspection of highway and bridge projects. For information regarding current projects, please call 831-1389.


The maintenance section consists of 14 individuals and provides routine maintenance services, and snow and ice removal for the highways and bridges of the county. These maintenance operations are divided into four areas with four garages.


The equipment section has two individuals including the lead mechanic, and is responsible for the department's equipment.


The administration section is comprised of three individuals, including the county engineer, the public works superintendent, and the accountant.

Department Buildings

The Cottonwood County Highway Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of approximately 415 miles of roads, and 211 bridges and large culverts in Cottonwood County.  The road system consists of 319 miles of County State Aid Highways and 96 miles of county roads.

The department is based out of Windom and also has three shops in other areas.


The shop in Windom has three maintenance workers and a sign technician, and assists in serving the south and south-central part of the county.


The shop in Westbrook has three maintenance workers and assists in serving the west part of the county.


The shop in Jeffers has four maintenance workers and assists in serving the central and north-central part of the county.

Mountain Lake

The shop in Mountain Lake has three maintenance workers and assists in serving the eastern part of the county.

Road Conditions
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Main Office
Cottonwood County Public Works Department
1355 9th Avenue
Windom, MN 56101
Phone: 507-831-1389
Fax: 507-831-2367

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