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The Cottonwood County Drainage Systems are outlined in MN Statutes Chapter 103E.
The Minnesota Public Ditch Manual includes detailed explanation and guidance about Chapter 103E.

County Wide Redetermination of Benefits January 2, 2024
The Cottonwood County Commissioners acting as the County Drainage Authority has approved a County Wide Redetermination of Benefits for Cottonwood County.  Benefits for many of the ditches have not been updated in 50-100 years. This process will ensure that benefits are fairly allocated among those who are part of the ditch systems.

2023 Ditch Redeterminations

The Cottonwood County Commissioners acting as the County Drainage Authority have approved the Redetermination of Benefits for Cottonwood County Ditch #20 and County Ditch #30.

County Ditches #20 and #30 were established in 1919 and have never had a Redetermination of Benefits done on their systems. This process will benefit landowners, as well as the county, by updating land and soil records originally recorded over 100 years ago.

Property Splits with Ditch Assessments

All affected landowners will be notified by the Cottonwood County Auditor-Treasurer’s office when property splits occur that have Ditch Assessments attached with the Notice of Proposed Apportionment of Drainage System Benefit form within 30 days of filing.

Public Ditch Governance

Cottonwood County Commissioners act as the Drainage Authority.  The Drainage Authority acts as the drainage system's governing body - they administer proceedings and procedures; approve petitions; hold hearings; make findings; issue orders; appoint engineer(s), viewers, and inspector(s); engage or retain attorney(s); apportion costs; etc.

Cottonwood County Auditor Treasurer acts as the Drainage Administrator.  The Drainage Administrator maintain all drainage records; maintain finances and financial records; receive filed petitions, engineer reports, viewers reports, inspection reports, etc.; provide documents to the Drainage Authority; Schedule, provide notice and assist hearings and other communications; recommend or assign drainage system identification; order first meeting of viewers; prepare and mail property owners reports, collect assessments and charges; receive appeals of certain Drainage Authority orders; file notice of appeal with district court administrator.

Cottonwood County Drainage Inspector - Appointed by the Drainage Authority.  The Drainage Inspector inspects drainage systems; coordinates with property owners and may work with an inspection committee; prepare and files inspection reports; assists in the enforcement of Chapter 103E drainage systems and buffer strips.