The Tax-Forfeiture land #22 will be sold at a public/private auction on:
Friday October 8, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.
at the Cottonwood County Law Enforcement Center. 
Look under the Tax Forfeiture Link to the left for a listing of the parcels up for Auction this year!

What We Do

The office of the County Auditor/Treasurer is an elected position. The County Auditor/Treasurer is responsible directly to the people of Cottonwood County for the duties of Auditor/Treasurer. The Auditor/Treasurer and staff are dedicated to serving the citizens of Cottonwood County by offering the best possible service in all aspects of the assigned duties.

The Auditor/Treasurer provides for the orderly collection, disbursement, and recording of all monies received or disbursed by the county. The County Auditor/Treasurer is also charged with maintaining records of transactions affecting taxes and safekeeping of all county funds including the investment of those funds as prescribed by the County Board.

The Cottonwood County Auditor/Treasurer's Office provides the following major activities. First, in accordance with state statute, the Office keeps records of all monies appropriated and disbursed regarding: general property taxes, fees, fines or forfeitures imposed by the courts for violation of state laws or county/municipal ordinances and all other monies received by the County. Second, the County Auditor/Treasurer is charged with the safekeeping of all county funds and invests such funds consistent with state statute and County Board policy. Third, the office maintains property tax records and is responsible for the collection of property taxes. The County Auditor/Treasurer handles transactions affecting delinquent taxes and foreclosures. Fourth, the County Auditor/Treasurer's Office provides information and services that are needed in any election to local municipal governments, clerks, and to the public. Fifth, the County Auditor/Treasurer operates and maintains the County's main computer system. The County Auditor/Treasurer's Office provides information and services to municipal governments, assessors, clerks, and to the public.

  • Current and Delinquent taxes
  • Parcel Ownership/Description
  • Tax Calculation
  • Licenses
  • Elections
  • State Voter Registration
  • Investments
  • Financial
  • Miscellaneous

10,000 Tax Statements mailed each year.

12,000,000 tax collections for Cottonwood County, which includes the county, school districts, city and townships, tax increment financing, special districts and special assessments.

Department Contacts

900 3rd Ave.
Windom, MN 56101
507-831-1342 or 
Fax: 507-831-4553

Donna Torkelson

Brenda Anderson 
Deputy Auditor/Treasurer

Carly Pohlman 
Deputy Auditor/Treasurer 

Carolyn Rempel
Chief Deputy/Auditor Treasurer

Meridee Paulson
Deputy Auditor/Treasurer 

Tax Due Dates
Real Estate- due May 15th and October 15th of each year (parcels classified as agricultural have second half due November 15th)
Manufactured Home-due August 31st and November 15th of each year.

Filing Dates for County Offices

Presidential Nomination Primary

State Primary Election

State General Election

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