Transfer Document Info

Mortgage & Deed Tax Information
Collection of mortgage registration and state deed tax is done at time of transfer of any mortgage or deed of conveyance, unless exempt from paying by MN Statute.

Minnesota Statutes Chapter 287.Mortgage Registry Tax; Deed Tax

Minnesota Department of Revenue Deed Tax Information and Mortgage Registration Tax Information

 Please note the following fee types must be paid with separate checks:

  • Recording Fees are made payable to COTTONWOOD COUNTY RECORDER
  • Mortgage Registration Tax  and State Deed Tax is made payable to COTTONWOOD COUNTY AUDITOR/TREASURER
  • Property Taxes are made payable to COTTONWOOD COUNTY AUDITOR/TREASURER
eCRV Information
A certificate of real estate value (CRV) is required to document a sale of property in Minnesota. CRV information is reviewed by the county of sale and the Department of Revenue to verify sale terms and ensure fair and equitable property tax assessments statewide. eCRV may be used for ALL counties of sale.

For more information, please go to the Minnesota Department of Revenue website or call 1-651-556-3278 or email

eCRV worksheet to help you complete the online form.