Frequently Asked Questions

What is market value?

How is market value determined?

How do market values change and why?

What date is used in valuing and classifying my property?

How is the classification of property determined?

What is homestead?

What are the qualifications for homestead?

Why do I have to report my Social Security number?

What are the penalties for having more than one homestead?

Do you own another property occupied by a relative?

What are my responsibilities when I move out of my house?

What is an actively engaged in farming homestead?

How and when do I challenge the value or classification of my property?

MS Statute 273.20 Assessor may enter dwellings, buildings, or structures.

MS Statute 274.01 The local board can't make changes benefiting a property owner who refuses entry by the assessor.

How and why are assessors licensed?

How are my property taxes determined?

What causes my property taxes to change?