Permits & Forms

Updated Permits


  • Beginning February 8, 2021, Cottonwood County Public Works will be encouraging customers to utilize our new software for all permit applications. Please visit our OneGov site (link above) to proceed with the permitting process. For assistance, please call (507) 831-1389.
  • Permits that can be accessed through the new software are as follows:
    • Barricading County Road Permit
      • This application should be submitted if a City or Organization would like to hold a parade, street fair, festival, fundraiser, or any other similar event that requires the closing of any portion of a county road. (Examples: CSAH 27, 29, or 1 in Mountain Lake, CSAH 2 in Bingham Lake, CSAH 13 in Windom, CSAH 32 or 52 in Jeffers, CSAH 5 in Storden, or CSAH 7, or 33 in Westbrook.)
    • Intersection Radius Extension (Wind Towers)
    • Municipal Driveway Request Form
    • Oversize/Overweight/Moving Permit
    • Private Drainage
    • Rural Driveway Request Form
    • Swing Away Mailbox
    • Utility Permit
  • 2021 No Spray Request Form