Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a Building Setback Permit?

What is the Cost of the different Permits?

What is the process to obtain a Building Setback Permit?

Do I need a Setback Permit if I am replacing shingles, windows or siding?

Do I need a Setback Permit to put up a fence on my property?

What is the size regulations required to split a parcel of land to construct a house?

What are the Penalties for not aquiring a permit? Who will enforce it?

What is the Field Windbreaks and Wildlife Block Planting Regulations?

What are the Feedlot Setback Requirements?

What are the setback yard regulations for construction?

What is a Variance?

What is a Condition Use?

What are the Shoreland Ordinary High Water (OHW) regulations?

Where Do I apply for a Septic Permit?

Who do I call if I suspect that my septic system is failing?

What are the Steps to obtaining a Septic Permit for a new Septic System?

How Long is a Permit/Varience Good For?

What Permits do I need to Build a Hog or Cattle Confinement Operation?