Warrant List

  Name  DOB  Charge  Level 
Adame, Jose Isabel
11/25/1979  POR Violation  FEL 
  Agustin, Maria Carolina Miranda  02/04/2001  Careless Driving, No DL, Proof of Ins. Violation  MSD 
  Alejandro, Daniel Aaron  10/18/1991  Driving without Valid License, Speed  MSD 
  Almendariz, Sandra Diana  12/02/1961  Crim. Sex Cond. 1st Degree  FEL 
  Amegankpoe, Eric Aldrin 09/07/1969 Traffic Driving After Cancellation IPS GMD
  Anderson, Alexis Lia  05/04/1985  Motor Vehicle Registration  MSD 
  Anderson, Brandi Marie  08/18/1968  Financial Transaction Card Fraud  FEL 
  Bender, Hamilton Davis III 02/19/1970 Assault - Violate Release Conditions MSD
  Bragg, Terry Lee  03/16/1957  Theft by Swindle  MSD 
  Brenk, Jess 01/06/1987 Theft-Take/Drive Motor Vehicle-No Owner Consent FEL
  Bryner, Michael Dutch 01/12/1975  FTA Domestic Assault  MSD 
  Butera, Sabrina Marie  05/26/1995  Endanger Child  GMD 
  Calder, Mathew Joseph 12/03/89  Traffic DWI, No Proof of Ins.  GMD 
  Calderon-Duron, Ruben 11/13/1986 DWI GM 
  Carrasco, Aaron Heron AKA Carrasco, Heron 05/10/1982 Contempt of Court - Child Support MSD 
  Chavez, Jesse 12/21/1985 Driving Without Valid License MSD
  Colon-Malave, Jose AKA Istabel-Tuc, Manuel 02/10/1983  FTA Property Damage MSD
  Cook, David Allen 03/18/1974 Issue Dishonored Check GM
  Danielson, Jeremy Joseph  0/29/1976  Possession or Sale of Stolen or Counterfeit Checks  FEL 
  Dethmongkhonh, Sanh 04/04/1976  FTA Theft  MSD 
  Dolphy, Andre Anthony 04/23/1984  Driving Without Valid License  MSD 
  Egremy-Jimenez, Geraldine  04/03/1977  Terroristic Threats  FEL  
  Ellison, Antonio Torres  08/25/1990  Felon Convicted Crime of Violence, Possess Ammo/Any Firearm  FEL  
  Encarnacio, Isidro Santos  12/05/1980  DWI, No Valid DL, Open Bottle  MSD  
  Fernandez, Antonio Martines  04/21/1974 DWI GM 
  Fernandez, Gustavo Alonzo  03/20/1966  Motor Vehicle Registration - Operate Unregistered MSD  
  Fitman, Harold James II  04/02/1958  FTA Issue Bad Check MSD  
  Flatgard, Joel Brent   09/29/1971 2nd Degree Sale, Giving Peace Officer False Name FEL   
  Fortuna, Carlos 01/04/1956 Crim Sex Conduct 1st & 2nd Degree FEL  
  Franke, Blake David 04/25/1994 Driving After Revocation MSD  
  Franks, Michelle Marie 03/25/1971  FTA DWI MSD  
  Garcia, Alejandro Jr. 03/30/1993  Crim Sex 3rd Degree - FTA  FEL    
  Garcia-Blanco, Bryan Omar 12/20/1993  5th Degree Drug Possession & False Name to Peace Officer FEL    
  Garcia, Juan 06/29/1975 Theft by Check FEL    
  Garrett, Nathaniel David 07/29/1980 FTA DWI GMD 
  Garza, Kassandra Lorraine 09/16/1995  Drugs 5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 not small amount marijuana  FEL    
  Gasim, Aisha Kaylene 04/09/1999  DWI MSD   
  Guzman, Yazmin Rosario  03/08/1985 Assault 5th Degree MSD   
  Haar, Autume Lynn 09/09/1984 Motor Vehicle Restration MSD   
  Hall, Joshua Gene 10/22/1980 Driving Without Valid License  MSD   
  Hargis, Ellis Lee 10/07/1972 FTA Drugs 5th Degree FEL 
  Harris, Jack 09/25/1987 Driving Without Valid License MSD 
  Heavirland, Gannon Todd 06/04/1990 Expired Registration MSD 
  Herman, Amber Ann 07/24/1986  No Insurance MSD 
  Hernandez, Jesus Manuel aka Hernandez-Balbuena, Jesus Manuel 12/29/1991 Terroristic Threats
  Hernandez, Misael Leon  09/25/1983 Driving Without Valid License MSD 
  Hernandez-Perez, Baldomero 04/20/1992 DWI MSD 
  Hetrick, Troy Alan 11/05/1969 Terroristic Threats-Reckless Disregard Risk FEL 
  Hillyer, Cedrick James 12/19/1993 Underage Drinking & Driving MSD 
  Hunt, Anderson Deshon IV 09/25/1992 Promotes Prostitution of an Individual FEL 
  Hurre, Ismail Jama 03/18/1985  Traffic - Driving After Suspension MSD 
  Ingais, Olikar Gruise  08/03/1987  Probation violation  MSD 
  Johnson, Cornelius  08/12/1967  Probation violation  FEL 
  Johnsrud, Jerrel Temengil  06/13/1990  DWI  GMD 
  Johnson, Mark Anthony 08/12/1988 Drugs 5th Degree Possess Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 not small amount marijuana FEL
  Kelly, Richard Walter III  01/08/1994  DWI  GMD 
  Keserovic, Almir  01/03/1993  Dishonored Check  GMD 
  Ketchens, Storm Mariah  10/02/1994  Prostitution  GMD 
  Khamvongsa, Sadie  07/05/1992  Theft  MSD 
  Kiel, Alex Andre  05/30/1992  Drugs 5th Degree Possess Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4, Not Small Amount Marijuana  GMD 
  Lagondy, John Ronald 10/20/1943  FTA Violate Order for Protection  MSD 
  Lira-Cardona, Hugo 05/08/1975  Crim Sex Conduct 2nd Degree  FEL 
  Lo, Kanlaya 12/25/1984 DWI  MSD 
  Lopez, Francisco 05/16/1970 Traffic DWI Refuse to Submit to Chemical Test  FEL 
  Lopez, Norma Angelica  03/26/1983 FTA No MN DL  MSD 
  Marrero Diaz, Luis Felipe 06/07/1976 Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test, DWI GMD
  Marroquin Junay, Claudio Nolberto  06/05/1980  Traffic DWI, Open Bottle, Speed  GMD 
  Martinez, Adolfo Jr.  10/06/1988  GMD  DWI, Open Bottle 
  Martinez-Parra, Jamie  05/03/1981  Domestic Assault  GMD 
  Matamoros, Benjamin  05/01/1985  FE Vehicle Theft  FEL 
  McGuire, Michael Lee  08/20/1985  Domestic Assault MSD 
  Mendez, Alejandro  06/05/1961  1st degree DUI  FEL 
  Mendiola-Mejia, Alejandro  11/24/1986  Criminal Sex Conduct 3rd Degree  FEL 
  Meuangsaksith, Sathith  01/27/1972  Domesti Abuse; Violate 2 or more OFP w/in 10 yrs  FEL 
  Meyer, Jason William  04/29/1997  Burglary 3rd Degree  FEL 
  Mincks, John William  05/20/1972  Intent to Escape Tax-MV  GMD  
  Miranda, Jose Mercedes Miranda (AKA Miranda Y Miranda, Jose Mercedes)  10/20/1988  3rd Degree DWI  GMD  
  Mitchell, Jonica Marie  11/05/1999  Drugs 5th Degree Possession Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 - not small amt. marijuana  GMD  
  Montoya, Joel Palomo  06/18/1983  FTA for Pre-Trial Domestic Assault  MSD  
  Moon, Rhett Lee  08/16/1989  FTA Expired Fed. Annual Inspection  MSD  
  Morales, Gonzales, Jose Leon  04/22/1969  Driving without Valid DL, Speed  MSD  
  Morales, Guillermo De Jesus  12/17/1987  FTA Theft  MSD  
  Morgan, Nelson James 01/01/1980 Traffic DWI GMD
  Munoz Vazquez, Jose  06/17/1990  4th Degree DWI - Violation  MSD 
  Ornelas, Leonardo  02/16/1982  Drugs 2nd Degree Sale, Endanger Child  FEL 
  Orozco Lopez, Francisco Alexander  09/09/1997  Disorderly Conduct/False Name to Peace Officer  MSD 
  Ortiz, Jose Marcos Hernandez  04/20/1992  Give False Name  GMD 
  Ortiz-Rios, Joel Daniel  09/17/1979  Domestic Assault  MSD 
  Palmer, Daniel Clay 07/22/1974 Drugs 5th Degree Possession Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 - not small amount marijuana FEL
  Pasillas Flores, Arturo  08/13/1963  Pending Validation of Offense  MSD  
  Pearce, Joshua William  06/07/93  Motor Vehicle Registration Expired  MSD  
  Pena, Santos Geraldo  10/03/1990  FTA 2nd Degree Drug Sale  FEL 
  Pena, Vicente Ramon  08/31/1952  Crim Sex Conduct 1st Degree  FEL 
  Perez, Jorge  12/08/1976  Malicious Punishment of a Child  GM 
  Postol, Quailyn  01/16/1986  FTA No MN DL  MSD 
  Powell, Rodney Wilson Jr.  07/19/1990  Tresspass  MSD 
  Saldana, Daniel 04/12/1987 Crim Sex Cond-1st Degree FEL
  Priestley, Shepperd Lawrence 12/18/1991 Traffic - DWI Operate MV Body Contains Any Amt. Schedule I/II Drugs GMD
  Quiram, Sherry Maire  01/09/1975  Disorderly Conduct  MSD 
  Ramirez Perez, Jeronimo Abersai  07/20/1990  Violation Order - DWI  GMD 
  Ramirez, Oscar Morelos  05/06/1984  Criminal Sex Conduct 3rd Degree  FEL 
  Ramos, Christian Scott 06/24/1999 Theft-Take/Drive Motor Vehicle-No Owner Consent FEL
  Ramos-Juarez, Domingo  05/14/1992  Give Peace Officer False Name & DAR  MSD 
  Reyes, Tiare Corus 11/12/1991 Disorderly Conduct - Brawling or Fighting MSD
  Richmond, Jaevon Markeese  08/06/1988  Probation Violation - Theft  GMD 
  Rivera-Rivera, Jorge  07-05-1984  FTA DWI & Other Traffic  MSD 
  Rodriguez, Gerardo Ordaz 10/11/1967 Threats of Violence FEL
  Rodriguez, Martin  11/03/1979  Fail Give Notice New Address  FEL 
  Ruiz, Roberto  074/12/1983  Damage to Property 1st Degree, Drugs 5th Degree  FEL 
  Salinas, Adam Gilbert  12/25/1972  Crim Sexual Conduct 3rd Degree  FEL  
  Santiago, Edgardo Castro  07/04/1971  Assault 2nd Degree  FEL  
  Schaffer, Kristen Marie  09/13/1980  Drugs 5th Degree, DWI  FEL  
  Sheffield, Anthony Michael 02/25/1989 Traffic DWI MSD
  Sifuentes, Juan Antionio  08/31/1951  Crim Sex conduct 1st Degree  FEL  
  Sloss, James Edward  02/06/1975  Violation Order Traffic Careless Driving  MSD 
  Sowers, Shane Roy  10/06/1977  Drugs 5th Degree Possess Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 - Not Small Amt. Marijuana  GMD 
  Stefanyuk, Nazar Stepan 11/10/1995 Domestic Abuse - Violate Order for Protection MSD
  Streich, Stephan Leigh  06/06/1995  Burglary 1st Degree  FEL 
  Strickland, Steven Micheal  01/28/1984  Disruptive Intoxication  MSD 
  Thomas, Kevin Leigh  01/29/1960  Drugs 5th Degree Possess, DWI  FEL  
  Thompson, Shataya Montrese 11/15/1992 Drugs 5th Degree Possess Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 Not Small Amt. Marijuana FEL
  Torres, Carmelino Velasco  07/12/1962  2nd Degree Crim Sex  FEL  
  Trevino, Manuel Jr 04/17/1987 DANCO Violation - Violate FEL
  Tuyul, Christian Alexis  01/17/1994  Fail to Report to his Agent in CA  FEL  
  Vargas, Mario  11/05/1988  Assault 2nd Degree  FEL  
  Varnavas, Jean-Paul Henry  06/22/1967  DAS, Proof of Insurance Violation  MSD  
  Vazquez, Jason Corey  04/10/1979  Assault 5th Degree/Disorderly Conduct  MSD  
  Velazquez, Nelson Lozada  11/02/1982  No MN DL  MSD  
  Veld, Angel Valerie  10/06/1990  Giving Peace Officer False Name of Another  GMD 
  Villa, Gabriel Sergio  08/26/1989  Driving Without Valid License  MSD  
  Zamudio, Elias Tavavera  07/06/1972  Crim Sexual Conduct 1st Degree  FEL 
  Zul Chay, Gabriel  02/06/1999  Giving Peace Officer False Name, DWI  GMD