Cottonwood County Law Enforcement Center

Inmate Visitation

Visiting Hours:

Sunday: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Thursday: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Visitors are limited to family members who are at least 18 years of age. The inmate may request one visitor other than family members. Underage children of inmates may be allowed to visit if they are accompanied by an adult that is on the visiting list. Immediate family consists of mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, children and grandparents. In laws are not considered immediate family. All visitors over 18 must present a valid government ID such as driver's license, state ID card, military ID, passport or County ID. To be accepted the ID must be a recognized government agency and have a picture and proof of age. Work, school, and check cashing IDs are not accepted. There are no exceptions.

Visitors are limited to 20 minutes per visitation day with any one visitor. Any inmate that attempts to visit anyone through any jail window will lose good time as to be determined by the Jail Administrator.

Questions or concerns: Call Jail Administrator Kristi Sell at 507-831-1375 or email her at kristi.sell@co.cottonwood.mn.us.

Inmate Funds

The Jail accepts cash, money orders, and cashiers checks. Money orders and cashiers checks should be made out to the inmate. Personal checks are not accepted. The money will be credited to the inmate's account for their use. The jail staff is not allowed to share information about the inmate's account with anyone other than the inmate. Money will be accepted only during visitation hours or through the mail.


Messages are not taken for the inmates by the jail staff. If you wish to leave a message for an inmate, you may do so by calling the inmate message system at 507-407-2026. These messages are not confidential. inmates may purchase phone cards from the jail. The cards are available in the amount of $10.00. Our phone system only accepts these phone cards. you may set up collect calls for inmates by calling 1-800-896-3201.

Inmate Mail

Inmate's Name
902 5th Avenue
Windom, MN 56101

All mail must come through the United States Post Office. Only mail that comes through the Post Office will be delivered to the inmate. All mail is subject to inspection by jail staff. The inmate may purchase stamps and envelopes at the jail. The jail does not accept stamps and envelopes left by visitors for the inmates.

VINE - Victim Information & Notification Everyday:

VINE is a free, anonymous, computer-based service that provides victims of crime two important services: Information and Notification. VINE will tell you if an offender is in the custody of the Minnesota Department of Corrections of a county jail and will give you important custody information. VINE will also let you leave a phone number where you want to be called automatically when the offender is released, transferred, or escapes. Call 1-877-MN-4-VINE toll free.

Do not depend solely on the VINE service for your protection. If you feel that you may be at risk, take precautions as if the offender has already been released.