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Writs of Execution

Writs of Execution are Orders issued by District Court directing the Sheriff to satisfy a judgment. They must be directed to the Sheriff of the county in which the assets to satisfy the judgment are located and they may be for personal or real property.

Minnesota Statutes Chapter 550 applies to executions.

The Writ of Execution document is valid for one hundred eighty (180) days after the date of issue. The judgment on which it is based is usually good for 10 years, and can be renewed by additional court action.

It is the responsibility of the judgment creditor to locate assets belonging tothe judgment debtor which can be levied upon (seized) to satisfy the judgment. The most common procedures are wage levies and financial institution levies.

Wage Levies

If a creditor wants the Sheriff’s Office to conduct a wage levy, it is the creditor’s responsibility to provide a Writ of Execution directed to Sheriff of the county in which the debtor works. The judgment creditor or the creditor’s attorney must endorse the Writ. The creditor must provide the Sheriff’s Office with a deposit of $65, which will be applied to the cost of executing the Writ. By law, the creditor must also provide the Sheriff’s Office with a check for $15 made payable to the debtor’s employer. This check will be given to the employer when the wage levy is served.

In computing the amount to be collected, the Sheriff’s Office will include the amount of the judgment, the interest accruing at the rate indicated on the Writ and any additional costs that have been added by the Court Administrator. The Sheriff’s Office will also add the approved 6% commission on the above total, plus Sheriff’s Office service fees.

If the judgment is totally satisfied, the creditor will receive the judgment amount, interest, additional costs, $15 employer’s fee and the $65 deposit. If the judgment is only partially satisfied, the Sheriff’s commission on the amount collected, and the services fees, will be deducted from the amount collected.

If for some reason no money is collected, the Sheriff’s service fees will be deducted from the $65 deposit.

The creditor is also required to send an exemption notice (see forms) to the debtor at least thirteen (13) days prior to commencing the levy, if service is by mail, or ten (10) days if it is personally delivered. The deputy receiving the Writ of Execution from the creditor will ask the creditor to indicate on the levy served sheet the date notice was given to the debtor.

Wage levies are conducted for a seventy (70) day period, after which the employer will send a check to the Sheriff’s office. If the check is insufficient to satisfy the judgment, the Sheriff’s Office will conduct a second seventy (70) day levy. Following the second levy, all money collected will be processed and a check issued to the creditor. If it is not enough to satisfy the judgment, the creditor must obtain a new Writ of Execution and request the Sheriff to continue the levy.

Execution Instruction Sheet

Click 2020_Execution_Instructions.pdf to download form.

Financial Institution Levies

A levy at a financial institution requires a $65 deposit. The creditor must also provide the Sheriff with a $15 check made payable to the financial institution. The name on the account must be the same as the name of the judgment debtor on the Writ of Execution or the financial institution will not honor it. It is possible to levy on a joint account.

If the debtor is not a corporation or a business, the creditor must provide the Sheriff with two copies of a completed levy exemption notice to be given to the financial institution when the levy is served.

Execution Exemption Notice and Notice of Intent to Levy on Earnings

If you desire the Sheriff to levy on the judgment debtor’s wages, please mail or serve the judgment debtor a completed form 10 days (if served) or 13 days (if mailed) prior to bringing the writ to the Sheriff.


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Exemption Notice

If you desire the Sheriff to levy on a bank account, please submit two completed forms with your writ of execution. The bank will retain one completed form while freezing money in the bank account, and forward the other completed form to the judgment debtor.
Exemption Notice (PDF 17K)

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Permits to Purchase

Applications for Permits to Purchase a firearm are available at the Law Enforcement Center.

Permits to Carry

Applications for Permits to Carry a Concealed Weapon are available at the Law Enforcement Center. Proof of attending a certification training is needed, along with a photo ID. The cost of a Carry Permit is $80.00 (new) or $60.00 (renewal) payable at the time of application, non-refundable.

On May 24, 2005, Governor Tim Pawlenty signed legislation into law reinstating the 2003 Minnesota Personal Protection Act. Therefore, effective immediately, all Cottonwood County residents who want to apply for a permit to carry a handgun must do so through the Cottonwood County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office accepts applications Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Law Enforcement Center, located at 902 5th Avenue, in Windom, MN.

Applicants must appear in person and must present the following to Sheriff’s Office personnel:

  • A completed application form, found by clicking here
  • A copy of the certificate verifying the applicant’s completion of an authorized firearms training course within a year of the date of application.
  • A clear copy of the applicant’s Minnesota drivers license OR state identification card OR passport photo page.
  • $80/$60 (new/renewal) cash OR a $80/$60 (new/renewal) check payable to the Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Office.

Applicants are reminded that the Sheriff’s Office has 30 days to process applications and issue or deny permits.

Questions About Previously-Issued Permits

From May 28, 2003 (when the 2003 Minnesota Personal Protection Act was initially enacted), to July 12, 2004 (when the law was ruled unconstitutional by a Ramsey County District Court judge). Individuals who were issued permits during this time period are reminded that their permits are valid for five years from the issuance dates, provided that the permit holders are not convicted of crimes warranting revocation.

Permits issued by the Sheriff’s Office or local police departments between July 13, 2004, and May 24, 2005, are valid for one year from the issuance dates. To avoid allowing their one-year firearms training certificates to lapse, these permit holders should consider re-applying soon for a permit under the reinstated law. Permits issued by the Sheriff’s Office on and after May 25, 2005, are valid for five years.

Change of Personal Information

The Cottonwood County Sheriff's Office processes all changes of address or name for individuals issued handgun-carry permits by the Sheriff's Office.

To update information in person:

  • Bring photo ID and current permit card to the Cottonwood County Sheriff's Office located at 902 5th Avenue, Windom, MN 56101.
  • Cost: $10, payable by cash or check. No credit or debit cards accepted.

To update information by mail:

Fill out and sign the Permit to Carry Handgun Application. Mail application with updated information, permit card and $10 check to:

Cottonwood County Sheriff's Office
Permit to Carry - Backgrounds
902 5th Avenue
Windom, MN 56101

Replacement of Lost/Stolen Permit Cards

Replacement of all lost or stolen handgun-carry permits issued by the Sheriff's Office must be made in person at:

902 5th Avenue
Windom MN 56101