2023 Tax Forfeiture

Tax Forfeiture Sale Information
Each property will sell for not less than the basic
sale price and all sales shall be full payment.
Forfeited Property Information
2023 Forfeiture Sale Information Packet

Photo Description Address Pending Assessments
Elm St-3rd St Bare Lot
More Information
Elm St & 3rd St
Bingham Lake, MN
City Svcs & Ditch
308 Deaver Ave N - Bare Lot Bare Lot
More Information
308 Deaver Ave N
Jeffers, MN
City Utilities
807 6th Ave - Bare Lot Bare Lot
More Information
807 6th Ave
Mountain Lake, MN
City Services
TF Photo 7-24-23 Bare Lot
More Information
1132 7th St
Westbrook, MN
City Misc & Street
1165 Prospect Ave - Bare Lot Bare Lot
More Information
1165 Prospect Ave
Windom, MN
City Svcs
635 3rd Ave House &  Garage
More Information
635 3rd Ave
Windom, MN
City Svcs

Request for bids - demolition
If you're a demolition contractor and would like to be added to our bid notification list please let us know!
Contact Nick Anderson
(507) 832-8799 or stop in at the Courthouse!