Landfill Hours, Charges and Fees

Landfill hours are 8am-4pm (last loads in by 3:30 pm) Monday thru Friday and 8am-12pm the first and third Saturdays of the month.

MSW (Household Garbage) 

$53.33/ton + 6.67/ton county surcharge + 17% MSW tax (minimum of $10.00 up to 280 lbs.)

Items not accepted in MSW

  • Oil filters ($0.50/each)
  • Tires ($0.15lb for car and truck, $4.00 plus $0.15/lb. for heavy truck and tractor tires)
  • Fluorescent lights ($0.60-$5.00 depending on size)
  • Liquid cleaners (free for households)
  • Paints (latex or Oil based) (free for households)
  • Rechargable batteries (free for households)
  • Appliances ($10.00/each)($75.00/each for RV refrigerators)
  • Dehumidifiers ($10.00/each)
  • TV's ($15.00/each)
  • Computers ($10.00/each)
  • Microwaves ($10.00/each)


$23.00/ton + $2.00/ton demo tax (min. of $5.00 up to 400 lbs.) (min. 1 ton charge for dump trailers)

*Additional $50/hour cleanup fee is added to clean up garbage that is dumped at the demo

Items not accepted in Demo

  • Carpet (accepted in MSW)
  • Ballast ($5.00/each)
  • Pails (accepted in MSW)
  • Cardboard (accepted in recycling sheds and curbside pickups)
  • Cans/bottles (accepted in recycling sheds and curbside pickups)
  • Creosote and any Treated wood (accepted in MSW)
  • Tires ($0.15lb for car and truck, $4.00 plus $0.15/lb. for heavy truck and tractor tires)
  • Shingle wrappings (accepted in MSW)
  • Caulk tubes (accepted in MSW)
  • Plastic bags (accepted in MSW)

Mattresses and Box springs (any size) ($11.00/each)

Appliances (Refridgerators, Stoves, Microwaves, dishwashers, Washers, Dryers)
$10.00 each

Appliances (RV)
$75.00 each

Asbestos (Must be moist inside 6mil bags, and 24 hour notice to landfill prior to bringing any asbestos to the landfill) Bags can be purchased from the landfill.


$5.00 (1/2 to 3/4 ton pick-up truck)
$7.00 (1 ton truck)
$10.00 (1-1/2 ton truck)
$20.00 (2 ton trucks and bigger)

Ballasts ($5.00/each)

Bulbs - Fluorescent 4' or less ($0.60/each)

Bulbs -Fluorescent greater than 4'  ($.90/each)

Compact Fluorescent ($0.60/each)

Circular Fluorescent ($0.80/each)

High Intensity Discharge (HID) ($5.00/each)

Shatter-Shield Fluorescent ($3.00/each)

U-Bend Fluorescent ($0.80/each)

Broken/Crushed Lamp ($2.50/each)

UV Lamps ($5.00/each)

Neon  ($5.00/each)


$10.00/each (CPU's, printers/scanners, desktop copiers, fax machines)
$15.00/each (Monitors & Laptops)
$12.50/each (medium copiers)
$45.00/each (commercial fax/copiers)

Keyboard/Power Supplies  ($5.00)

Iron/Scrap metals (Free to drop off in recycle container at landfill site)

Car Tires ($4.00/each or $0.15/lb.)

Tractor Tires  ($4.00/each and $.15/lb.)

Heavy Truck Tires  ($4.00 each and $.15/lb.)

$15.00 (All sizes)

Car Seats ($4.00/each to be recycled)

Paint & Household Hazardous Chemicals are Free of Charge to households

Household Hazardous Waste Info

Household Hazardous Waste facility is located at the Landfill

Open weekdays from 9am to 4pm

Collection and exchange program

Call 507-831-3781 with any questions


Electronic waste is accepted at the landfill facility

Rates for electronics can be found under Landfill info


We will post Collections dates and times when they are available for the following

- E-Waste

- Pestiside container

- Household Hazardous Wastes