Recycling 24-hour sheds


Map of shed Locations

  • Windom

Located at the Cottonwood County Fairgrounds

  • Bingham Lake

On County Road 2 in town

  • Schopper Bush

On County Road 4, 3.5 miles north of Jeffers

  • Comfrey

On County Road 3 in town

  • Storden

By the County Highway Shop on Hwy 30

  • Delft

On White Avenue in town

  • Talcot Lake

On County Road 62, in driveway of park

  • Jeffers

By the County Highway Shop in town

  • Westbrook

Next to the County Highway shop on County road 7 (Davis Ave).

  • Mountain Lake

Just to the Southeast of the city street department


Recycling Calendar and Map

2020 Calendar

All towns in Cottonwood County are in the GOLD week.

Windom - The city is split into 3 different days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and business pickup is on Thursdays

Mountain lake

Bingham Lake






How to Recycle Information from Waste Management
How Single Stream Recycling Works

Click here to see how single stream recycling happens.

For more information on what can and cannot be recycled, please click here.

Cottonwood County participates in a program called PaintCare. You can view the brochure below, or for more information, please visit the website here.