[Civil Process Fees]

Civil Process Fees

Fees charged by the Sheriff's Office for different types of civil process functions are established by the Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners. Fees are reviewed by the Sheriff's Office periodically and any proposed changes are discussed with other Sheriff's offices in Southwestern Minnesota, so they remain fairly consistent.


A deposit, check or cash, must accompany legal processes submitted for service. When legal processes submitted for service is not accompanied by a deposit the original documents and affidavit of service will be held and an invoice will be sent to attorney/creditor. When payment is received a receipt, original papers and affidavit will be returned.

The deposit is a guarantee of payment for services to be provided. Once the civil process is completed, the Sheriff's Office service fees are subtracted from the deposit amount and any remaining balance will be refunded. If the service fees are greater than the deposit with the Sheriff's Office, the customer will be invoiced for the balance due at the time the process is returned. Customary deposit amounts are:

Single service

For multiple services at same address add a $50.00 incremental increase for each additional service.

Originating within MN  $50.00

Writ of Execution – Service Fee


Fee Schedule

Per Person Service


Mileage (3 attempts included)

$10.00 (after 3 attempts)

Legal Not Found


 Return of Process when service is not made


Execution Commission (based on the total amount seized, collected or stipulated by the parties as a result of the Sheriff’s Levy)

10% on first $250 and 6% remaining balance

Executions Returned – not satisfied


Postings – 3 public places








Mortgage Foreclosures


Mortgage Redemptions


Intent to Redeem (each lien)


Document Delivery Fee – following redemption


Mortgage Foreclosure – non-cancellation fee of sale




Additional Fees:


Fingerprinting (by appointment)


Local Records Check – Original signed release authorization

$.25 / page

Accident Reports – Insurance Companies

$.25/ page

 CD/DVD - Recording/Photo Fees

 $20.00/per disc

Copy Fee


Updated 01/05/16 approved by Cottonwood Co. Commissioners