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What We Do

Land Management

The Cottonwood County Environmental Office is committed to promoting the public health, safety, and general welfare of the County citizens through the development, implementation and administration of appropriate Planning, Zoning, and Subdivision Regulations which follow applicable State and Federal laws and the Cottonwood County Comprehensive Plan and applicable Ordinances. 

Planning and Zoning
  •  Setback permits
  •  Conditional use permits
  •  Variances
  •  County Ordinances
  •  Subdivision regulations
  •  Approval of surveys
  •  Floodplain/Floodway information
Feedlot Officer
  • 2018 County Feedlot Officer Report - Click Here
  • 2018 County Feedlot Officer Financial Report - Click Here

Septic Inspector

  • Licensed Contractors - Click Here
  • SSTS Annual Report 2018 - Click Here
Ag Inspector
  • Enforce noxious weed laws
  • Seed and feed inspection
  • Commercial pesticide testing
  • Bio-control of noxious weeds
Water Planning
  • SSTS- NRBG Elink Report - Click Here

Additional Information

Cottonwood County Resolution to Adopt Buffer Enforcement

DNR Buffer Law Shoreland Ordinance Amendment

BWSR Model County Buffer Ordinance


BWSR & DNR Buffer Guidance Document

Environmental Assessment Worksheet- Red Rock Quarry


Land Management
Alex Schultz
Feedlot Officer/ Planning and Zoning
210 10th St
Windom, MN 56101
Phone: 507-832-8287
Office Hours:
Water Conservation Act (WCA)
David Bucklin
210 10th st
Windom, MN 56101
Phone: 507-832-8287

2019 Planning Commission Board Members

  • Philip Harder-Chairman
  • Leland Thiesen-Co-Chair
  • Heidi Hansen-Secretary
  • Keith Engen
  • Sharon Tibodeau
  • Norman Holmen-County Commissioner

2019 Board of Adjustment Board Members

  • Michel LaMaack-Chairman
  • Jonathan Penner-Co-Chair
  • Heidi Hansen-Secretary
  • Lisa Fredin
  • Sharon Tibodeau