Frequently Asked Questions

When does Talcot Lake County Park open and close for the season?

Talcot Lake County Park opens for the season on May 1st, and closes on October 31st. Please note that the bathhouses have a shorter season due to weather.

Is there a lifeguard on duty at Talcot Lake?

No, Cottonwood County does not provide a lifeguard. Young children should not be swimming without adult supervision. Individuals should stick with a buddy. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Is there a fee to enter Talcot Lake County Park?

Yes, there is an annual fee of $10.00 that is good from May 1st, to October 31st. We also have a $3.00 daily fee for those who want to just visit the park for the day.

Do you sell firewood at Talcot Lake County Park?

We do not always have firewood on hand. We encourage you to bring your own firewood as long as it is within 100 miles from the park. Please take special precautions that the wood you bring is free of Ash Bore insects, and other invasive species.

What does Talcot Lake County Park offer for services?

All sites have water and electricity which is included in the price for camping per night. For more information you can call the main office at (507) 831-1389.

How do I get a seasonal site at Talcot Lake County Park?

Please call the main office at (507) 831-1389 to reserve a seasonal site.