[2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update]

Over the last few years, Cottonwood County has been working on updating its hazard mitigation plan.  Mitigation planning is done to identify steps that can be taken to lessen the impact of a disaster.  Some mitigation projects can be very expensive, like buyouts of flood prone areas or reconstructing roadways, while others can be cheaper like educating the public on disasters that can happen and how the public can prepare for those disasters.

Attached is the first draft of the hazard mitigation plan for Cottonwood County.  We are in a 31 day public comment period.  The public is free to read and comment on  Any comments made on this plan should be directed in writing to Cottonwood County Emergency Management Director Paul Johnson(paul.johnson(at)co.cottonwood.mn.us) or Maxwell Kaufman (maxk(at)swrdc.org) , a Development Planner with the Southwest Regional Development Comission (SRDC).  The SRDC is assiting the County in updating the plan.

The draft plan can be found here:

2019 Cottonwood County Hazard Mitigation Plan (Draft) 

[July 2018 Flooding Photos & Videos]

The following photos and videos have been collected by Cottonwood County Emergency Services and Cottonwood County Public Works.

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