[Cottonwood County News]

Press Release: Pat's Grove Park

At the May 15, 2018 Cottonwood County Board Meeting, discussion was brought up regarding County Parks. In 2014, Cottonwood County took sealed bids for Highwater Park Northwest of Jeffers and Sara Park on Lake Augusta. Highwater Park was sold, but Sara Park was not sold due to bids not meeting the reserve price. In 2015, the County also gifted Dynamite Park to the City of Windom. The discussion at the last Board Meeting began by revisiting the sale of Sara Park due to numerous inquiries. The discussion expanded to look at other County Parks that may be underutilized in order to be fiscally responsible. Pat's Grove was briefly mentioned in the discussion. The thought is that the proceeds from the sale of any County Parks would be used to improve remaining County Parks.

At this time Cottonwood County has had no serious discussion about selling Pat's Grove Park. Currently the only County Park being considered for sale is Sara Park.