What We Do

We oversee the county landfill, keep the public informed of landfill information, and manage the single sort recycling program for the county. 

Cottonwood County is part of a 12 county group called the Southwest Regional Solid Waste Commission. For more information, please visit their website.

Cottonwood County also did a project in 2015 with Minnesota Technical Assistance Program to perform solid waste audits in local Cottonwood County businesses to help improve source reduction, and recyling. To view this presentation, please click here. To view the replication model from this intern project, please click here.

Vehicles for Vets MN

Vehicles for Vets MN is a nonprofit car donation program that benefits disabled veterans with the proceeds from donated vehicles. For more information regarding this program, please click here.

2016 Recycling Survey

In an effort to improve the recycling of materials in the 12-County area of the Southwest Regional Solid Waste Commission, a survey is being mailed to households in the area. Each household that receives this survey was selected at random and will represent the views of others living in the county. Since each county typically receives between 200 and 600 surveys, it is most important for the survey recipients to complete and return it in the postage-paid envelope provided.

The number of households participating in recycling has improved greatly in recent years. It is important for the commission to learn the attitudes, potential problems and suggestions for improving the recycling program in our 12-County area.

You should be receiving your survey within the next week if you were selected to receive one. Please complete and return as soon as possible so the feelings of the general public can be learned concerning the recycling program in your community.

[ Department Contacts ]

Solid Waste Department
Phone: 507-831-1389
Phone: 507-831-3781
Office Hours:
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
(Last loads in by 3:30 pm)
Monday - Friday

8 a.m. - 12 noon
1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month

Cottonwood County Landfill
43973 County Road 22
Windom, MN 56101


Open 24/7:

Westbrook - Located by the County highway shop on Davis Ave.

Windom - Located on 8th Ave. at the Cottonwood County Fairgrounds

Bingham Lake - On County Road 2 in town

Schopper Bush - On County Road 4 (3.5 miles north of Jeffers)

Comfrey - On County Road 3 in town

Storden - By the County Highway Shop on Hwy 30

Delft - On White Avenue in town

Talcot Lake - On County Road 62, in driveway of park

Jeffers - By the County Highway Shop in town


We now accept credit cards for landfill fees. In order to pay via credit card, there are small, additional fees. The fee schedule is listed below. To utilize Point & Pay, click here.

Credit Cards:

Tiered Fee Schedule:

0-$50 - $1.50

50.01-$100 - $3.00

Each Additional $100 - $3.00


Flat fee of $1.50 up to $10,000

Flat fee of $10 for anything over $10,000